Monday, September 27, 2010

missing queen!!!

walked alone in the labyrnith of life,
boring it was with no one,
had no emenies nor any friends,
tried no new trends in life,
so much time no one would have,
stared the water by my side,
habituated for lonely ride,
finally lost my erudite.
had all time to see  chick hatch from egg,
made myself the evening peg.
it was jus like a gag.

things changed one day,
sun shone bright upon me,
wondered something was unnatural,
changes were in actual,
saw you walking across,
my eyes never tried to cross,
so beautiful in all,
never imagined for you to  fall,
nothing happened knowingly,
the first sight lovingly
you encouraged my heart convincingly.

you might not even know me,
it had been years of nine.
wherever you are,
i hope you are fine,
dont know what to say,
you are my missing queen.  

Saturday, September 11, 2010

So early ?????? UP

The morning gelid breeze,
Would make anyone freeze.
The Shred sun making all red,
No mood to estrange my cozy bed,
Rays sparkling the dew,

animals wandering are few.
People covered in jersey of ewe,
Walking all over the lawn.
Wondering that's unusual,

I then thought, decided, and
started to experiment my brawn,
A jerk,woke up suddenly,
oh! my god,its a yarn.
Don't be browned off.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


"Dreams and Disillusions get shattered when the reality of life's appear... I have learnt it the hard way!" 

Ticking fast is the time,
Left behind are the days of glory,
Never came out of  mime,
Dreamed of being a legacy to my progeny
Lamenting  the past years of four,
Want to live that life more and more,
But my days now  have become sour,
Ticking fast is the time,
Nothing can change if i roar.
Should have stopped brooding over the pane,
Should have studied hard,
Easier would have been achieving fame,
Everything passed in a blink,yes
Ticking fast is the time.
Remembering the days of smoke and drink,
After heavy booze ,helped the lime.
The tea with a fag in the dawn,
Friends and gossips in the shops lawn,
laughs, making each other fawn.
Gone are those days, just like the happiness,
I wish the time was my slave,
Never would have been in loneliness,but
Ticking fast is the time....