Friday, July 25, 2014

100th Post : My most cherished memory

Finally!! after I started serious blogging  again in the year 2013, today is my 100th post. And this post I would like to dedicate for a small memory from my graduation days. Even though I have struggled a lot in my life,  my memories with me are the happy ones.When me and my friend meet, we talk about this even now. It might not be a very big thing for many but for us it was surely a memory for life . 

It was the year 2005, our first semester of college. We all were new to each other. Somehow I struck a chord with a guy who was two rooms away from mine. We shared common interests and were becoming good friends. Fortunately we were from the same branch. 

On one night of November, the climate was excellent and it surely demanded some booze and a good company to chit chat. It was 9 30 pm, and I came out of my room and at the same time, my friend too came out of his room. We both saw each other and the same thought came to our mind and we uttered, Beer? .

We knew wine shops would close by 10 pm in chennai, so we had to dash. It was 1 km away. Moreover due to heavy rains, most of the trees had fallen down blocking all the shortcuts in my campus. The roads had turned into rivers. Worst thing was just one bicycle. And that bicycle was a racing one, so it was not comfortable for two heavy guys to ride. But we were determined and set forth.

Myself being more energetic of both, took the initiative to ride and when we crossed the college boundaries, the area was much flooded and were completely unaware of the path we were riding. We just had the destination in mind and had to reach before 10 pm

Finally when we reached there, the guy was about to close the shop. We took two bottle, sat under a shed, getting partially wet and drinking and chit chatting for an hour. Then we rode back drunk in the same path.

We reached our rooms, took bath and had an wonderful sleep.

Drinking so common that it cant be categorized as fun, I agree, but the way we two thought of it and set forth like a mission and the jokes we were cracking all the way were the most memorable. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

When is the right time to quit?

We all live a life which is very mysterious. Few get things easily but few have to efface to get the basic amenities. Some despite having a poor academic record settle for excellent good jobs whereas the studious kids continue to slog. No one knows why this happens. It is an axiom. Lets not say it is due to Karma. I would prefer another post for that. So in this mysterious life, the one who gets easily or minimal effort is not of my concern but I am interested about the ones who work hard. Struggling in life is an important thing. Most of them cant face the failures. But the ones facing it,surely come out strong and complete. The best part is that they dont quit. Rather they keep fighting and their history or the path is a teacher for people like me.

Recently I had shared about Rahul Dravid's speech on relating chinese bamboo to our life.Which can be read here. Coming across another source of inspiration, this man just tells us to fight and keep fighting I am sure most of us would have seen MR. SV SAAR in facebook or at CP, Delhi or in other social media platform. His life is an example of fighting. I can learn so many things from this man. So if you ask, what is the right time to quit? This man says it all. It is ''NEVER''.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Right inspiration

It is true that sportsmen are the ones who inspire us very easily than any one else. May be it is because we keep track of their performance or may be their success is validated with numbers, figures and statistics. I personally have learnt a lot from Rahul Dravid since 1996 and I never turned to any other player for any source of inspiration. Earlier I had written a post on Rahul Dravid being my role model. It can be read here. Even after his retirement whenever I see his sayings or words of encouragement in any interview, I again feel energetic and a gush of confidence passes through me. Recently I came across this. 

Like many, I can relate to this very easily. The feeling to give up comes quiet easily when we fail in every endeavour. But this text sums it all. So lets work towards our goals unflinchingly.