Thursday, March 28, 2013

Source of Inspiration

 Few years back, there was news on the papers about a national level volleyball player who had been thrown off a moving train.  There was some dispute among few guys and the angry youth threw her. This incident had amputed her right leg. I felt bad reading the news thinking of her future. I didn’t even remember her name two years back. But today, I saw in the news about the same girl, Arunima Sinha who is all ready to scale the Mt Everest. I was happy to read the news. There are many stories of amputees who have done many things, which seem impossible for normal human beings to do. But this inspiration was different. According to her, the source of inspiration was Yuvraj Singh, who returned to play cricket for India after fighting cancer. These people surely inspire me.Arunima surely inspires the young generation. She would have been in a lot of misery initially, but it takes lot of courage to do the courageous thing which we common humans cannot do. Either you scale the Mt.Everest or not that is secondary, but you are the epitome of positive attitude. You teach a big lesson to me, no matter what happens in life, NEVER GIVE UP. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Ekeko

My friend Juan, had visited to Peru, his home town after the semester got over. I asked him to bring a souvenir . I don't know when would I go to Peru to see the remains of Incas civilization. So i thought its is better to have a souvenir than to wait for it. And he gifted me '' the Ekeko'' and told me that  it would bring some good luck to me. Good luck, which I want it now. Well, i dont mind whether supernatural or superstitions bring luck to me. But i am very much thankful for the gift.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Iranian Lunch

These days I am very bored cooking Indian food and the Italian pasta. I desperately wanted to eat something different and new. So I invited my Iranian colleague to teach me some simple Iranian food which is scrumptious. And my friend agreed spontaneously and came over to my place and cooked rice and chicken. This luscious dish was shared by me, my roommate, the cook and my Costarican friend. This dish was similar to Indian food, but the style was different and I really liked it. 

The recipe is quite simple, for the chicken curry, you should have some chicken breast pieces, one onion, tomatoes/tomato paste,potatoes, turmeric, salt, chilly powder. Just saute the onions in low flame, and fry the chicken pieces. After 5 minutes add some salt, turmeric and chilly power on the chicken and fry both sides of chicken. try for 10 minutes and in another bowl, add some water, depending on how much gravy you want. Add tomato paste and pour all the chicken and onions into the pot and spread potatoes on it. Boil it for 15-20 minutes and the curry is ready. 

On the other hand, boil rice mostly in a electric cooker or pot, and add some oil and salt. Cut potatoes in a elliptical shape and place them along the borders of rice and pot.Wait for it to cook .Then add little butter to the rice and mix it well. Now you can serve it hot with the curry. Bouno appetito!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nostalgia of 333

333, this number always makes me reminiscent of my past. Even though 333 was just  my room number, it is like 333 is the secret code to an outburst. An outburst of memories and nostalgia, which I think can never be erased from my brain. There are many things which I face in my day to day life which makes me reminiscent but silly things such as the room number can still make me more nostalgic. Back in 2008, the sadness in me was taking birth as I was half way of my graduation and upon graduation, all of my friends had to go in different paths. The sadness was for being estrangement from my friends and the unsurpassed company of them. I am still pensive about the good old times we had for four years. For the pre final and the final year, we all friends choose our rooms in the same wing. We had good time, chatting, discussing, eating, attending classes (some times) fighting, and laughing with each other. Those were undoubtedly the best times of my life.  Our wing comprised of people, who were highly proficient and all-rounders in many fields. Few of my wing mates are into top US colleges pursuing their masters, few of them are into top management schools. Few of them are my close friends. I consider myself lucky knowing such people. Even though we have moved away from each other so far, our hearts are still connected to our classical times. I know I cannot get back the old times, but I am entitled to my nostalgia.