Tuesday, March 30, 2010

why u cant do it my dear

Many a times, i have my morale down, and I personally find very difficult to rise and come back to normal life, these days i have been facing with constant setbacks and these lines were to boost my morale and make me exuberant.

march ahead with no fear,
setbacks are just a testing times,my dear,
all the great men , were rear,
coz they confronted failures from very near,
people kissing success are just your peers,
why you cant do is not at all queer,

glasses of confidence and faith you wear,
and face the hardships ,feel the pain ,but please don't shear,
be honest and loyal to your endeavor,
Kick start your battle from very first gear.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Am I In Love?

 Orkutting was good until i met a friend. both of us now have become good friends, this is a small thanks giving poem for her...

I tried hands on everything,
to become something,
choices were many but choose engineering,
Which ardently made my life boring.
Then one day feel in love,
something i always tried to develop,
Talks with you i am loving,
your pics make me mesmerizing,
I am looking forward for our meeting,
One thing want to say you always
Yes, you are not good at guessing,
I am missing u like anything,
thanks at ton for trusting me.
Hey its not over yet
U have discovered in me a trait,
Thanks 4 making me a rookie poet.

Will you be my Eros?

Ever seen a beautiful & romantic rose?
Yes, it is my love ka dose.
One fine morning, saw someone very like a rose,
her eyes shone more than the diamond,
her red lips tempted me for a bond,
and her blush made me bliss.
It was the moment I never could miss.

realized, my heart sensed a blast,
It was because I met u at last,
now no more brooding of my lonesome past.
I promise to stay by you forever,
absence of you will make me fibrillate,
feeling you has made everything perk up??

Everyone likes the rose, but
I don’t want No one to like your pose.
Want to make a proposal.
Will you be my eros?

I am still enjoying

few lines when i was moody..

The world is running fast,
Twenty four hours still making the day,
Rat race could never would have been so vast,
Unfortunately i have always come last.
My mind, Life and energy is in eerie,
I know nothing could be achieved in hurry,
More i worry, less i will make merry,
S enjoying my time with perry,and
Waiting for the right time.