Saturday, August 2, 2014

Accidental stumble to nostalgia

I was browsing through some of the videos in youtube and then Suddenly I saw a video titled '' life at IITM'', my mind just drifted to 2005. When I was seeing this video which I had previously seen umpteen times,  I saw a video titled IIT Madras 46th convocation video in the suggestions list, I clicked it to watch. To my amusement I had to listen to the first few seconds a  couple of times to know that it was my name and after my name. I continued to watch the video and when I saw myself in the video, I could not control my nostalgia. Went to the past, travelled it, enjoyed it , shed a tear or two and it was really hard for me to come back to normal. Those were the best days of my life and when I see myself since I graduated in 2009, it is completely a different phase. Accidently watching this video made my day refreshing the memories, putting a smile on my face. 

This is the video of my convocation back in 2009.