Friday, December 24, 2010

The First Step Over the Barrier

They are good friends. Just good friends. And their friendship stems from quite a common way now-a-days, through internet. They chat for really long hours and they became quite fond of each other’s company thought they haven’t met each other in person. The conversations were mostly written or through voice chat. Yet, there seemed to be a mysterious bond hat was getting stronger each day.

 Once, there came a time when she travelled out of the city and he couldn’t get to talk to her. And he sent her signs that he would be missing her. And she said cheekily that ‘hmm.I don’t miss you at this moment. When I do so, I shall tell ‘and she giggled.

 Time flew by. They were really becoming close friends. Every time, whenever one of them pings to chat, the other person would feel a blanket of happiness over him/her or rather a sense of excitement blooming from within. They shared almost everything about themselves and what happened for the entire day. Naturally, this meant that both were pouring out their feelings to one another and both acted as good receptors.

 Now, he had to travel outside for a month and he won’t be able to access internet. They could have kept in touch by sms or calling each other. The problem ironically is that when they called each other, emotions used to get suppressed. They felt more comfortable in typing as they both were not very articulate on the upfront. Hence, if they wanted to do an emotional talk or felt like thanking or saying sorry, typing was the only medium in which they felt comfortable. So, what was she going to do for a month? 

 If you do not have the one to whom you pour out your every feeling, imagine the mental agony that she was going through. She knows that his trip can’t be avoided. But at least she wanted to put across how she felt and finally how much she would miss him. But would she ever get the courage to do so? Was it so difficult to go up to him and look into his eyes with just pure affection and care and say that ‘I think I am going to miss you, my friend’ 

She really wanted to get this message across. But how, words just got locked up in her mouth. She just couldn’t verbalize her feelings, not that she forgot the grammar or does not know how to construct a sentence, but the problem was with her guts. She had absolutely no guts to articulate her emotional feelings.
This task became harder because he was also the same as her. Falters, when it comes to emotional talks and was equally bad as her when talking in front of a person. At least if he said something like ‘I think I will not find good company like u over there’ she could use that as a platform and get her overflowing feelings out.
The day came when he was about to leave in a few hours. She went to the railway station to send him off. They both took an auto to the station. That was her best chance to express him that she would miss him. He was very excited about his trip and he seemed bustling with enthusiasm. So, she didn’t want to spoil the mood by engaging him in sentimental talk. So, she also pretended to be energetic and enthusiastic about his trip. And after a while, they ran out of topics to talk and the rest of the journey was made in silence to the station. He started putting suitcases in the train. There was just half an hour before the train leaves. And he was almost prepared to get on the train. So, she told him ‘all the best’ and extended her hand to him.
He shook it firmly and said ‘thanks’. Just then, she put her other hand over him and she broke down immediately. She thought, “Why am I behaving like this? I would surely look childish”
Just then, he shook her arms…’hey, is something wrong? You seem flushed’ she just regained her senses and immediately left his hand.
The train master whistled and waved the flag. He boarded the train. “Nothing’s wrong. Just take care of yourself”, she said. As he left, she put on a very fake facade and appeared cheerful.
She was non-chalantly walking out of the railway station. She doesn’t know herself that she is slowing down, willing for the train to comeback, for him to come back. She wants to tell him that she is going to miss him badly and the reason she wants the train to carry him back, is that she already is missing him. Missing him real bad!
After about 5 minutes, she received a sms from him saying that “hey…I know this is weird but I had no other choice... I think I am really going to miss u so much. I tried so hard to get the 3 words ‘I Miss you’ from my mouth but the efforts went in vain. I knew you were like me –hard to express the emotions. But I was waiting for a miracle where you would say ‘I miss you too’. It is actually a shame that I had to depend on something so lifeless as a mobile phone to actually voice my emotions. But, it does put me at ease when you could get to know how I feel”.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do it NOW

Now is the time for every good deed
Say it Now, the kind words
Give it Now, the goodness
Show it Now, the friendship
Share it Now, the sorrows of your mind
Smile it Now, the joys in your life
Prove it Now, the love in your heart
Do it Now, someone’s life a home of happiness!

Monday, November 29, 2010

YOU are gone

All i could give you was pain,
Your love to me was in utter vain,
I know i was not a bairn.
Being with you, smile and happiness was always at gain,
After you left me, my tears camouflaged with rain,
All i communicated was jus a lain,
You are no more in my life,
I will miss you until my last breath
you, in my heart have become a cairn.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Hands, brain, thoughts, ideas, feelings, expressions, romance commanded my pen to start my first poetry and common it came out to be a like a paraprose. The intriguing aspect is, it’s related to love. Well let’s try to find its efficiency.  

i never really knew you,
you were just my another pen friend.
But when i got to know you,
i let my heart unbend,
i couldnt help past memories
that would only make me cry,
i had to forget my no girlfriend past,
and give love a try,
So, i have fallen in love with u ,
and i will never let you go ,
i love you more than anyone,
I just had to let you know,
And if u ever wonder why,
i dont know wht i will say,
But i will never stop loving you
each and every day,
My feelings for you will never change
just know my feelings are true ,
just remember one thing

Monday, September 27, 2010

missing queen!!!

walked alone in the labyrnith of life,
boring it was with no one,
had no emenies nor any friends,
tried no new trends in life,
so much time no one would have,
stared the water by my side,
habituated for lonely ride,
finally lost my erudite.
had all time to see  chick hatch from egg,
made myself the evening peg.
it was jus like a gag.

things changed one day,
sun shone bright upon me,
wondered something was unnatural,
changes were in actual,
saw you walking across,
my eyes never tried to cross,
so beautiful in all,
never imagined for you to  fall,
nothing happened knowingly,
the first sight lovingly
you encouraged my heart convincingly.

you might not even know me,
it had been years of nine.
wherever you are,
i hope you are fine,
dont know what to say,
you are my missing queen.  

Saturday, September 11, 2010

So early ?????? UP

The morning gelid breeze,
Would make anyone freeze.
The Shred sun making all red,
No mood to estrange my cozy bed,
Rays sparkling the dew,

animals wandering are few.
People covered in jersey of ewe,
Walking all over the lawn.
Wondering that's unusual,

I then thought, decided, and
started to experiment my brawn,
A jerk,woke up suddenly,
oh! my god,its a yarn.
Don't be browned off.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


"Dreams and Disillusions get shattered when the reality of life's appear... I have learnt it the hard way!" 

Ticking fast is the time,
Left behind are the days of glory,
Never came out of  mime,
Dreamed of being a legacy to my progeny
Lamenting  the past years of four,
Want to live that life more and more,
But my days now  have become sour,
Ticking fast is the time,
Nothing can change if i roar.
Should have stopped brooding over the pane,
Should have studied hard,
Easier would have been achieving fame,
Everything passed in a blink,yes
Ticking fast is the time.
Remembering the days of smoke and drink,
After heavy booze ,helped the lime.
The tea with a fag in the dawn,
Friends and gossips in the shops lawn,
laughs, making each other fawn.
Gone are those days, just like the happiness,
I wish the time was my slave,
Never would have been in loneliness,but
Ticking fast is the time....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A picture :: worth thousand words.

Seeing you all time is my job,
I do it ,with no bother for the mob.
So naive and innocent are your eyes,
And captivating  me are the radiant powerful rays,
Staring me and asks me many whys.
My whole life in you  lies.
Your velvety soft lips,
Makes my mind flip,
Silky smooth long hair,
No movement with the blowing air.
Reminds me of the lady in fairy tale.
Your thin black eyebrows,is
Like two love birds feeling love.
You talk a thousand words,
I love to live the moment.
Don know when will be our fixture,
Feeling you, looking at your picture.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Something something

I dont know what is happening,
On every morning and evening,
I feel like everything is missing,
And my heart starts aching,
Tears from my eyes rolling,
And, about you only lamenting,
I dream of you , laughing,
I dream of you, singing,
I dream of you , talking.

Something is happening I wonder,
The pain is really excruciating,
Want to tell you something ,
I miss you all the time,
You are and will be mine.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A beat away

I feel you are very near,
A heart beat away from me.
Every beat of my life beats fast,
Which you can neither feel nor see!
Yet when i close my eyes,
You are right before me,
Distant to my touch and closer to my heart.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Estranging you

For the past four years, I was hard at heart,
Our estrangement last year has made my heart wax,
Please believe me, I am not talking any fart,
Your absence had made my life a hoax,
I did everything to my heart to love u in a dart,
Slowly imbibing your love and memories,
Finally became reminiscent of our sweet and beautiful thoughts,
You were just left in my mind and soul.
Your absence made me raise many queries,
Tear rolled down my eyes,realized could not any more bind,
Feeling of happiness appeared when i met you finally,
Feeling of eternity reached when i kissed you finally,
Feeling of floating in heaven felt when had our intimate moment finally,
With all this transformation in me, and a feeling of shy,
I realized the most difficult is saying a good bye. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Things around me were unseen,
Pain imbibed, was strongly keen,
Accrued with failures, which were umpteen,
The thoughtful mind in me became very lean,
Mentality towards others was becoming mean,
My charisma and smile had become wean,
Searched for a positive light of beam,
As usually doors and windows were closed for even.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Albatross around my neck

what happens when our dreams are thrashed? what sort of feeling do we get? its obviously the feeling of haplessness, despair, and loneliness which ultimately paves the way to depression.

My stage was something similar to this, in deja vu of depression,i wrote few lines to say my stance

Opening and closing eyes didn't matter much,
Shattered were all dreams and hopes as such,
Again the pain of failure hit my heart,
Tears in my eyes were not in dearth,
My mind was wobbling with painful vibrations,
All i could see was the rubble of painful destruction,
I tried to analyze the loss of the heck,
It was an evil albatross hung around my neck.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Present Research

Old is gold, we all know this well known saying. Movies have taken the old names, remixes of the old songs, and people are coming to old ways.After the scientists were alarmed by the greeh house gases,which increased the temperature of the earths surface and hence causing all the abnormal things to happen, made every one to take  caution.  The major contubutors of the average 400 million metric tonns of hazadrous wastes generated is the automobiles.Knowing the scientific details of the consequences of global warming every person on this earth wants to contribute in some or the other way.Hence forth i chose to contribute to lessen the effect of the rising temeprature.

Extensive research is being done all over the world , in colleges, R and D sectors and companies to reduce the pollution caused by autmobiles.Research trend earlier was to develop a vehicle with speed, and less fuel comsumption, but now a days research has added another area of emission control to the earlier two and make a compromise among the three and come out with the best model.

Two stoke engines which were famous for high power by weight ratio , low initial cost and low NOx emissions are the hilights of these engines but were supressed with high fuel consumption and CO and hydrocarbon emissions. Hence these engines usage slowly disappeared from motorcyles and three wheelers. Hence the usage of these has reduced considerably. But these vehicles are back to researchers brain, and lot of research is being done with other fuels such as CNG or LPG which are gaseous in nature and can reduce the emissions considerably.Scientists have thought to work on these obsolete engines which is the best way to value consumers and earth.  Hence i have joined hands with researchers at IITM in IC engines dept to help these engines come to life again to explore its great advantages and help curb emissions.

This is the two stroke engine of two stroke engine of TVS made on which i will work for the next few days.

My project


Development of a Fuel Efficient Two-stroke Direct Injection Spark Ignition (TDISI) Engine running on Gaseous Fuels for Two and Three Wheeler Applications


This  project aims at developing fuel efficient, low emission two stroke spark ignition engine designs for two and three wheeler applications by direct injection of gaseous fuel. Designs using Cylinder Barrel Injection (CBI) and Cylinder Head Injection (CHI) of the gaseous fuel will be developed for improved fuel economy and low emissions and compared to arrive at the most suitable option. The gaseous fuel that will be used for the study will be LPG or CNG depending on the availability. However, the system that is developed on one of the fuels can be easily adapted to the other fuel. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

why u cant do it my dear

Many a times, i have my morale down, and I personally find very difficult to rise and come back to normal life, these days i have been facing with constant setbacks and these lines were to boost my morale and make me exuberant.

march ahead with no fear,
setbacks are just a testing times,my dear,
all the great men , were rear,
coz they confronted failures from very near,
people kissing success are just your peers,
why you cant do is not at all queer,

glasses of confidence and faith you wear,
and face the hardships ,feel the pain ,but please don't shear,
be honest and loyal to your endeavor,
Kick start your battle from very first gear.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Am I In Love?

 Orkutting was good until i met a friend. both of us now have become good friends, this is a small thanks giving poem for her...

I tried hands on everything,
to become something,
choices were many but choose engineering,
Which ardently made my life boring.
Then one day feel in love,
something i always tried to develop,
Talks with you i am loving,
your pics make me mesmerizing,
I am looking forward for our meeting,
One thing want to say you always
Yes, you are not good at guessing,
I am missing u like anything,
thanks at ton for trusting me.
Hey its not over yet
U have discovered in me a trait,
Thanks 4 making me a rookie poet.

Will you be my Eros?

Ever seen a beautiful & romantic rose?
Yes, it is my love ka dose.
One fine morning, saw someone very like a rose,
her eyes shone more than the diamond,
her red lips tempted me for a bond,
and her blush made me bliss.
It was the moment I never could miss.

realized, my heart sensed a blast,
It was because I met u at last,
now no more brooding of my lonesome past.
I promise to stay by you forever,
absence of you will make me fibrillate,
feeling you has made everything perk up??

Everyone likes the rose, but
I don’t want No one to like your pose.
Want to make a proposal.
Will you be my eros?

I am still enjoying

few lines when i was moody..

The world is running fast,
Twenty four hours still making the day,
Rat race could never would have been so vast,
Unfortunately i have always come last.
My mind, Life and energy is in eerie,
I know nothing could be achieved in hurry,
More i worry, less i will make merry,
S enjoying my time with perry,and
Waiting for the right time.