Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Present Research

Old is gold, we all know this well known saying. Movies have taken the old names, remixes of the old songs, and people are coming to old ways.After the scientists were alarmed by the greeh house gases,which increased the temperature of the earths surface and hence causing all the abnormal things to happen, made every one to take  caution.  The major contubutors of the average 400 million metric tonns of hazadrous wastes generated is the automobiles.Knowing the scientific details of the consequences of global warming every person on this earth wants to contribute in some or the other way.Hence forth i chose to contribute to lessen the effect of the rising temeprature.

Extensive research is being done all over the world , in colleges, R and D sectors and companies to reduce the pollution caused by autmobiles.Research trend earlier was to develop a vehicle with speed, and less fuel comsumption, but now a days research has added another area of emission control to the earlier two and make a compromise among the three and come out with the best model.

Two stoke engines which were famous for high power by weight ratio , low initial cost and low NOx emissions are the hilights of these engines but were supressed with high fuel consumption and CO and hydrocarbon emissions. Hence these engines usage slowly disappeared from motorcyles and three wheelers. Hence the usage of these has reduced considerably. But these vehicles are back to researchers brain, and lot of research is being done with other fuels such as CNG or LPG which are gaseous in nature and can reduce the emissions considerably.Scientists have thought to work on these obsolete engines which is the best way to value consumers and earth.  Hence i have joined hands with researchers at IITM in IC engines dept to help these engines come to life again to explore its great advantages and help curb emissions.

This is the two stroke engine of two stroke engine of TVS made on which i will work for the next few days.

My project


Development of a Fuel Efficient Two-stroke Direct Injection Spark Ignition (TDISI) Engine running on Gaseous Fuels for Two and Three Wheeler Applications


This  project aims at developing fuel efficient, low emission two stroke spark ignition engine designs for two and three wheeler applications by direct injection of gaseous fuel. Designs using Cylinder Barrel Injection (CBI) and Cylinder Head Injection (CHI) of the gaseous fuel will be developed for improved fuel economy and low emissions and compared to arrive at the most suitable option. The gaseous fuel that will be used for the study will be LPG or CNG depending on the availability. However, the system that is developed on one of the fuels can be easily adapted to the other fuel. 

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