Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Estranging you

For the past four years, I was hard at heart,
Our estrangement last year has made my heart wax,
Please believe me, I am not talking any fart,
Your absence had made my life a hoax,
I did everything to my heart to love u in a dart,
Slowly imbibing your love and memories,
Finally became reminiscent of our sweet and beautiful thoughts,
You were just left in my mind and soul.
Your absence made me raise many queries,
Tear rolled down my eyes,realized could not any more bind,
Feeling of happiness appeared when i met you finally,
Feeling of eternity reached when i kissed you finally,
Feeling of floating in heaven felt when had our intimate moment finally,
With all this transformation in me, and a feeling of shy,
I realized the most difficult is saying a good bye. 

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