Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A beat away

I feel you are very near,
A heart beat away from me.
Every beat of my life beats fast,
Which you can neither feel nor see!
Yet when i close my eyes,
You are right before me,
Distant to my touch and closer to my heart.


  1. Heart beats faster when your loved ones is near...

  2. A Nice array of words with good imagination!

  3. nice one... wish you are meeting your sweet-heart soon :)

  4. That's a SRK sequel here .. well jotted ....:)

  5. aww..that was super romantic :)This reminds me of a song by Fray with beautiful lyrics..which goes like
    Oh I feel your heartbeat.
    And oh, you're comin' around, comin' around, comin' around
    If you can love somebody, love them all the same.
    You gotta love somebody, love them all the same.
    I'm Singing, Oh, I'm Feeling Your Heartbeat.

  6. Straight from the heart...good one!! :)