Sunday, May 12, 2013

A day in Cinque Terre

I would consider myself very lucky for  visting Cinque Terre, suitated on the costal riviera of Italy.It was a part of my Tuscany trip. Cinque is five and Terre is terrains or land in Italian and hence this place comprises of five small hills Riomaggiore,Manarola,Vernazza,Corniglia and Monterosso. The last hill Monterosso can be reached by walk from Riomaggiore. But due to landslides the path has been closed. And there are frequent trains stopping at these hills. Riomaggiore was the highest of the hills, and I was lucky to trek and see the awe inspiring beautiful hills, sea and the houses from the top. The goading part of the whole trip was the sea, dark blue in color and very serene.

Some pictures from the place.

View at Vernazza

View from top of Riomaggiore 

Panaromic view at Manrola 


  1. Brilliant pictures, every single one of them!

  2. Hi Niranjan!
    Wow! Beautiful pictures! The place looks so green and serene!
    Thank you so much for visiting me and taking time to comment! :)
    Do visit often! :)
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  3. Wonderful pics and nice article.

  4. Brilliant captures. Thanks for the visual treat.

  5. Cinque Terre looks really are seriously Lucky ;)

    1. yes Jiggyasa, I am very lucky to visit these places.

  6. absolutely beautiful clicks ... the 2nd one was simply amazing !

  7. I was there! It is a beautiful place!