Saturday, November 2, 2013

Guide of my love

My friend is a avid prose writer but never tried her hands on poetry. And her first poem was excellent. I am posting it here, with her permission.

saying I love you would,
belittle my love for you,
you have been my wing man,
helped me picking up from pieces,
putting them together.

you gave me a panoramic view of love,
helped me capture the rainbow of life,
drying my tears into pearls of affection,
shimmering your sparkle on me,
teaching me unconditional love.

the warmth of your love,
touches me gently every moment,
despite the distance,
holding my hand and mending my heart,
giving me the hope in you.

the love in you shines
through the sparkle in your eyes,
like the diamond on my ring,
making you the apple of my eye,
and the guiding light of our love! 

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