Tuesday, February 4, 2014

God and Karma

Few days back I got this thought on God and Karma. I was thinking how these two things work together. There are people who say that God is everything. He is the one who drives our actions, directs us to whatever deeds we perform in our life. It is said that everything is pre written. When that is the case where is the space for Karma? If by sowing good, we reap good, which is Karma, but the director of this is the God then how come we say Karma solely driven by our actions. I think these two ideologies are different concepts. God and Karma are mutually independent. One school of thought says that God is everything and we should have utmost respect for the God as he is the director and we are the actors. Whereas Karma says you are the director cum actor and you perform all your actions and take the responsibility for that.

But what about the people in middle, there would surely be people in the middle who believe both God and Karma. Have they misinterpreted the ideologies? They say God wants us to perform good acts. If this is the case, then somehow I don’t see a fit to the logic. For example, a teacher guides us upto a certain period of time. Then we are left of our own for the quest of truth which is when we learn the most valuable lessons. In this process we do remember the teacher but we concentrate more on our present actions and always thank our teachers. When we are born, the basics are taught by our parents, teachers and one day we are of our own, performing our own actions. And that is when Karma comes into play. Then where is the question of God?  

So I think, we should either we should believe God or Karma. I haven’t read the different religious texts which talk about these two concepts. I would like to read them and rethink the idea. As of now, my vote is for Karma!!


  1. What you sow is what you reap and so my vote too is for karma. I do believe that there is a God somewhere up there but its finally me who decides if my life is going to be heaven or hell. Its all about karma. Do good and feel happy or do evil and wait for it come back to you.