Saturday, July 19, 2014

When is the right time to quit?

We all live a life which is very mysterious. Few get things easily but few have to efface to get the basic amenities. Some despite having a poor academic record settle for excellent good jobs whereas the studious kids continue to slog. No one knows why this happens. It is an axiom. Lets not say it is due to Karma. I would prefer another post for that. So in this mysterious life, the one who gets easily or minimal effort is not of my concern but I am interested about the ones who work hard. Struggling in life is an important thing. Most of them cant face the failures. But the ones facing it,surely come out strong and complete. The best part is that they dont quit. Rather they keep fighting and their history or the path is a teacher for people like me.

Recently I had shared about Rahul Dravid's speech on relating chinese bamboo to our life.Which can be read here. Coming across another source of inspiration, this man just tells us to fight and keep fighting I am sure most of us would have seen MR. SV SAAR in facebook or at CP, Delhi or in other social media platform. His life is an example of fighting. I can learn so many things from this man. So if you ask, what is the right time to quit? This man says it all. It is ''NEVER''.


  1. Niranjan of late i take these daily breaks by switching on the TV and watching these Pakistani Serials that are being aired currently free on this channel called Zindagi. My fav is of course is the woman issue based which uses Gulzaar Sahab's famous poetry composition as the show title. It is called Kitni Girhain Baaki Hain. What a coincidence the story that is aired before/after that is just what you have talked about. How come the wrong always wins and the right suffers till the end but does not quit. The serial title is called Maat...maat meaning outwit/ outsmart/defeat.
    i guess life is like that but then one should choose to stick with what is right...these days they tell u be street smart...actually indirectly learn to hoodwink and deceive and use those techniques when required. Like they say in Hindi jab ghee seedhee ungli sey nahin nikalta toh ungli tedhee karni padti hai.
    How much tedhee that is one question i keep asking myself. As for me i prefer to go without than to have something if it impinges on my self respect .
    Thank you for stopping by at my other post and also for that hello message. Apologies on the delay though. Was held up with affairs of the family...hope u won't mind :)

    1. hello Shivani ji,

      I thank you for taking time to stop at my blog and give comments, by taking your precious time.

      I would surely follow those serials,which you recommended. Frankly, I wont be able to see them all, but surely can get the gist and moral of it.

      One thing I learnt in life is, never to give up. Even though fingers are raised at you, stones pelted at you, be strong and be silent. success will surely make noise one day.