Sunday, March 21, 2010

Will you be my Eros?

Ever seen a beautiful & romantic rose?
Yes, it is my love ka dose.
One fine morning, saw someone very like a rose,
her eyes shone more than the diamond,
her red lips tempted me for a bond,
and her blush made me bliss.
It was the moment I never could miss.

realized, my heart sensed a blast,
It was because I met u at last,
now no more brooding of my lonesome past.
I promise to stay by you forever,
absence of you will make me fibrillate,
feeling you has made everything perk up??

Everyone likes the rose, but
I don’t want No one to like your pose.
Want to make a proposal.
Will you be my eros?


  1. Being in such a romantic place :D the poem definitely seems like inspiration of the beautiful place you are in :D

    1. thank you Ramya, I had written this in 2010, back in hot India.but Italy is indeed a romantic place. And thank you for being my follower.

  2. amazing lines Niranjan !! very nice read !!