Sunday, March 21, 2010

Am I In Love?

 Orkutting was good until i met a friend. both of us now have become good friends, this is a small thanks giving poem for her...

I tried hands on everything,
to become something,
choices were many but choose engineering,
Which ardently made my life boring.
Then one day feel in love,
something i always tried to develop,
Talks with you i am loving,
your pics make me mesmerizing,
I am looking forward for our meeting,
One thing want to say you always
Yes, you are not good at guessing,
I am missing u like anything,
thanks at ton for trusting me.
Hey its not over yet
U have discovered in me a trait,
Thanks 4 making me a rookie poet.

1 comment:

  1. Your poem- it speaks volumes. The poem appears to be one side of an inside conversation. I enjoy the subtlety of your words. I can tell you are talking to someone else.. and it fits the words.
    I am curious.. did the other person ever see this?