Monday, October 4, 2010


Hands, brain, thoughts, ideas, feelings, expressions, romance commanded my pen to start my first poetry and common it came out to be a like a paraprose. The intriguing aspect is, it’s related to love. Well let’s try to find its efficiency.  

i never really knew you,
you were just my another pen friend.
But when i got to know you,
i let my heart unbend,
i couldnt help past memories
that would only make me cry,
i had to forget my no girlfriend past,
and give love a try,
So, i have fallen in love with u ,
and i will never let you go ,
i love you more than anyone,
I just had to let you know,
And if u ever wonder why,
i dont know wht i will say,
But i will never stop loving you
each and every day,
My feelings for you will never change
just know my feelings are true ,
just remember one thing