Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why do I blog?

Julian Assange described his experience with Wikileaks, and I think there was a very sharp insight there which says a lot about human nature and motivations for blogging or any other form of communication, particularly online:"Our initial idea, which never got our initial idea, was “look at all those people editing Wikipedia”. Look at all the junk they are working on. Certainly if you give them a fresh classified document on the human rights atrocities in Fallujah that the rest of the world has not seen before you know it’s a secret document. Certainly all those people working on articles in art history, maths, and so on, and all those bloggers who are busy pontificating on the human rights disasters  who are complaining they can only respond to the NY times because they don’t have sources of their own. Surely those people will step forward, given fresh source material, and do something. No, it’s all bullshit. All bullshit. In fact, people write about things in general, if it’s not part of their career, because they want to display their values to their peers who are already in the same group. Actually they don’t give a damn about the material, that’s the reality."

Few years back in order to kill my boredom; I started reading forums on the internet on several issues and in some of the forums, I was directed to blogs. That is how I came to know about the existence of blogging. Blogging was growing extensively. Every other person had a blog. I was not much into having a personal space on the internet and had the least idea on blogging. The forums and questions and answers were the best way to get educated and educate on any debate or an issue, according to me. After I read blogs of many people, and came to a conclusion that blogging is just like maintaining a personal diary, where in you share your mind. Many people had written about their happy times, sad times, their travel, poems, stories, educational stuff etc. It was just sharing your thoughts. In forums you can’t express your mind to the maximum extent, but surely on a blog you can do. So I thought of changing my mind and have a blog. I posted few posts initially and used to boast about it and talk about it to every other guy I met. I could not continue it much due to my pounding pressures in my personal and professional life. Also it was something which I hadn’t liked it. But I came back after a gap of around 2 years. This time I was sure as to why I am blogging.  

I always had the problem of expressing. I am more of an introvert kind of a person. I find it difficult to express my mind. When I try to express my mind either in written or oral form, I just can’t replicate my mind. And I know that writing is the strongest form of communication. May be writing about something and reading it after few days, will give a different impression and I myself will see me as a different person and try to understand what the text is saying and what was it intended to say.

English is not my native language, but my medium of instruction during my school and college was English. Writing surely helps us in improving the language like, sentence formation, word usage, and cohesion of ideas. So I thought that writing can aid my vocabulary even if I use at least one or two new words in my writings. It would surely be helpful in long run.

Once I read in ''good reads'', you either read a book, coz you like reading or you want to show off. I guess this logic applies to writing too. I always wanted to write stories for kids or crime or detective genres. I want to be a story teller. Blogging and reading other peoples writings can surely help my writing skills and give me many ideas to learn about styles of writing and improve myself. By posting online, I can expect people to comment if they like, and their advice would be really helpful for better writing skills in terms of language and change of   ideas on any topic I wrote.

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