Monday, December 31, 2012

Warm welcome to 2013

I wish a very happy new year to myself and to everyone. I am expecting this new year to another big and vital challenge.Every new year, my wishes and resolutions always slashed like a beautiful dream house made of cards. But i cant stop dreaming. So i have my wishes and resolutions for the year 2013 too. Well, i will miss the year 2012 more than any other year. This was the year which was full of happiness and sadness. In 2012 few of my dreams came true after many unsatisfactory years in my personal and professional life. I will miss the good times, spent with my close friends earlier this year , which unfortunately lasted only for seven months.It was the best time of my life and the saddest part is I will miss that time for ever and it is not going to come back. 

Finally i traveled abroad this year for my higher studies.I got admission  into a good college with a scholarship. The wait had finally ended after four years.It was a substantial struggle which produced sweet fruits at last i guess. I joined at Polimi, Milan in the beautiful Italy.I can't be more happy than this.It was my dream since childhood after watching Bollywood movies to visit the exquisite Europe. And i am finally here and basking about it. I became more closer to my family as I wont be visiting them for two years. I enjoyed my work in my earlier company and made good friends. 

Future is highly uncertain but I wish 2013 to be a very challenging year like my earlier years. Challenges makes me learn things. This year, i want to do good a my studies, travel Europe, meet new people and improve my personality and get a job. The simple things which I wish every year. But this year I will and I can make a difference. So finally  I bid adieu to my memorable 2012 and wish good luck in 2013 and wish me a year of learning and success. 

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