Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nostalgia of 333

333, this number always makes me reminiscent of my past. Even though 333 was just  my room number, it is like 333 is the secret code to an outburst. An outburst of memories and nostalgia, which I think can never be erased from my brain. There are many things which I face in my day to day life which makes me reminiscent but silly things such as the room number can still make me more nostalgic. Back in 2008, the sadness in me was taking birth as I was half way of my graduation and upon graduation, all of my friends had to go in different paths. The sadness was for being estrangement from my friends and the unsurpassed company of them. I am still pensive about the good old times we had for four years. For the pre final and the final year, we all friends choose our rooms in the same wing. We had good time, chatting, discussing, eating, attending classes (some times) fighting, and laughing with each other. Those were undoubtedly the best times of my life.  Our wing comprised of people, who were highly proficient and all-rounders in many fields. Few of my wing mates are into top US colleges pursuing their masters, few of them are into top management schools. Few of them are my close friends. I consider myself lucky knowing such people. Even though we have moved away from each other so far, our hearts are still connected to our classical times. I know I cannot get back the old times, but I am entitled to my nostalgia. 

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