Thursday, March 28, 2013

Source of Inspiration

 Few years back, there was news on the papers about a national level volleyball player who had been thrown off a moving train.  There was some dispute among few guys and the angry youth threw her. This incident had amputed her right leg. I felt bad reading the news thinking of her future. I didn’t even remember her name two years back. But today, I saw in the news about the same girl, Arunima Sinha who is all ready to scale the Mt Everest. I was happy to read the news. There are many stories of amputees who have done many things, which seem impossible for normal human beings to do. But this inspiration was different. According to her, the source of inspiration was Yuvraj Singh, who returned to play cricket for India after fighting cancer. These people surely inspire me.Arunima surely inspires the young generation. She would have been in a lot of misery initially, but it takes lot of courage to do the courageous thing which we common humans cannot do. Either you scale the Mt.Everest or not that is secondary, but you are the epitome of positive attitude. You teach a big lesson to me, no matter what happens in life, NEVER GIVE UP. 

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