Friday, June 7, 2013

Pleasure of inexpensive things

Lucretius uplifted Epicurus's intelligent defence of simplicity by helping us in a superlative Latin verse, to feel the pleasure of inexpensive things.

( the English translation of the verse)

We find that the requirements of 
our bodily nature are few indeed,
no more than is necessary to
banish pain,and also to spread out
many pleasures for ourselves.
Nature does not periodically seek
anything more gratifying than this,
not complaining if there are no
golden images of youths about the 
house who are holding flaming
torches in their right hands to
illuminate banquets that go on
long into the night. What does it 
matter if the hall doesn't sparkle 
with silver and gleam with gold,
and no carved and gilded rafters
ring to the music of the lute?
Nature doesn't miss these luxuries 
when people can recline in 
company on the soft grass by a
running stream under the branches
of a tall tree and refresh their 
bodies pleasurably at small 
expense. Better still if the weather
smiles on them, and the season of 
the year stipples the green grass 
with flowers 


  1. That was wonderful, thanx for sharing the translation. Simplicity is what defines nature, and simple things of life are beautiful and gives us comfort and untold pleasures:)

  2. Yes . . . some of the best things in life is always inexpensive.

  3. Beautiful indeed. There are so many things in the world that money can never buy.

  4. nice one.. thanks for sharing.

  5. Amazing.... I didnt know you could speak Latin... :)

  6. The Best things & moments in life are priceless, its just that we take our time realising it.. gud one.