Monday, June 17, 2013

Withered Rose

So vivacious and gay were you,
dancing with the breeze,
glowing with the sun,
twinkling with the stars,
your fragrance titillating the senses,
very happy and tranquil were you.

my mind laid interest on you,
my heart wanted you,
me who twitched you,
assuring eternal love.

My pains healing, holding hand of you,
life seemed delightful with you,
Argh,with time,languishing were you,
erred me enticing you.

out of essence and exhilaration now were you,
want the world to spin back for you,
to rejuvenate the lost happiness,
I wish for a miracle to befall,
embracing the wrath of beautiful you,
craving for a blooming rose again in you.


  1. wonderfully expressed .. the curse of inevitable change !! ..
    be it a flower or human ... times dont bring back the glory left in the past !!

  2. craving for blooming rose again in you...beautiful...:)

  3. Change is inevitable but the yearning for the past and familiar is something I can understand well..beautifully expressed :)

  4. The process of evolution is inevitable but the way you have expressed your craving is very creative. I love the words.

  5. i loved the last 3 lines especially...u are very good with poetry....well done...make a collection and bring out a book

    1. Thank you Ritesh. Your applause carries lot of weight. Felt good to read it. I will do my best.

  6. Beautifully written. you words show the emotions accurately. I enjoy your poems vey much. Keep writting as surely this is your calling.