Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Failure management

I want a know of a person, who has not faced any major failure in their life. I am sure, I will find none. But out of all the people, few take good failure management policies to overcome their problems and few just cant handle the failures and spoil their mind and health. But these failure management tips are not available in any text book and is the most talked topic since ages.It is really hard to have a strategy for failure management. Every person in the world has a different failure, and even if generalized or categorized, the broader categories have  many sub categories with so many variations, that it is really impossible to have a formula for it. When every person upto some extent decides and proceeds with his own way of living, and accordingly failures confront him, and hence he has to devise tailor made strategies to face the failure too. But during their grapple with failures few weapons are common to face a confident fight.I feel there are two most important weapons to

Good friends. They are the most important part of our life and sometimes with good effort they become our life.They are the ones, who guide us to good and bad paths. During times of failures having friends really helps us a lot. They are the people who listen to our problems. Even if they don't say anything, mere listening with full patience makes us feel better and their one line, '' everything will be fine'' makes us happy and confident. Friends can be of any form, friends, parents, relatives, cousins etc. But it is really important to distinguish friends from close friends. Of course we only share our feelings with people who come in our inner circle. In everyone's life, we get an opportunity to choose good friends, but we identify them at the wrong time. That is our weakness. I would say, with friendship all other factors of failure management are related. For example, how far can you be motivated without friends by reading motivating books, quotes, etc. If you have friends, most of the time they motivate and it helps a lot. They are just like our counsellors.

Prioritizing problems. We face so many problems simultaneously. I have been facing multiple failures in my personal and professional front. It is like pulling both sunken ships to the shore all by myself. Its hard and the hardest part is to prioritize.Everything seems so important and seeking urgent attention. How could you do that? This cannot be taught in a book, it can be learnt from experiences of others and knowledge of one self and the urgent thing seeking attention. For example a situation might arise in life, where in we have to choose between money for emergency expenditures at family and in another hand reaching the goal, which would need time and money too. In such cases its wise to give importance to the immediate problem and if we are determined and have the energy we would go ahead later. My biggest learning was to  prioritize, facing one problem at a time and keeping in mind about the other. It makes me stay in focus and sometimes, I solve the problem not in focus rather the one is. All that matters to me is solving my problems.

Motivation and never give up attitude is something which we have to carry with us where ever we go and whatever we do in our life. This is the only medicine which keeps us pumping and making us run towards our goal. But it is not always easy to remain motivated. After watching Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, the morning joggers crowd accrued drastically. People in large numbers came to the stadium and it was very difficult to even walk. But after 3 days of rain and 2 days of sunny weather, the ground was empty. Its hard to have motivation for long time. Sportsmen generally get this motivation from their coaches, other people get it from their teachers, mentors and friends in my earlier category. And most of the time, reading the biography of greats and their quotes surely helps, at least makes us think about them.

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  1. Well analysed :). i guess as you move further with more experiences life will also teach you to forge a truce with what you might momentarily construe to be a failure. What i'm trying to say is that sometimes some failures are also responsible for a major turnaround. If you have seen the movie Lakshya...well one instance where the girl sort of dumps him becomes a major factor for the protagonist to become SOMEONE worth saluting.
    Don't fret over failures because in the end you shall seek your level.