Sunday, September 1, 2013


Every human being, in their lifetime atleast once comes across a situation in  which they had bet all their stakes of  will and dreams but simultaneously to achieve that  they have also been falling harder every time and positively never giving up. This situation creates a dilemma in their minds  and seeking motivation and support, they pull themselves apart, unaware of the damage being imposed on the mind and body.They stretch more and more and some day come to this juncture of indecisiveness. It is just like pulling a rubber band, until the force is in its elastic region, there is no harm to the rubber, but when it reaches its plastic region it deforms and more force takes the rubber to its fracture limit and it  finally breaks. It is a very difficult juncture in life knowing when to quit. There are so many quotes, asking us to never give up, not to quit as we might be close to the goal, which are true but personally I feel, giving importance to self and knowledge of capability of individual's mind is the most important thing which has to be considered to know when to quit.

Recently, while seeing the pages in stumble upon, I came across a story of the frog. It is said that frog is the only animal, which is like the human being, able to adjust to its changing  surroundings. If you put frog in a vessel of water it will stay in it. The moment you start heating it, it will adjust its body temperature to the surroundings. When the temperatures tends to touch the boiling point of water, the frog gets unstable and finally dies. It could not then jump from the utensil, as it had no energy left. The lesson from this,written there was, you should know when to quit. If the frog had quit from the vessel before hand, it would have been safe. So you should quit when the time is correct. But my question is, how would have the frog known when to quit? May be the frog was expecting that, the increase in water is momentary and would reduce soon. If the frog had well judged its mental capabilities and strengths, there would have come a stage, at which, the frog was unable to handle the rise and then would have jumped out. The frog was just battling a lost hope. 

This type of situation can arise in a relation between partner or friends, in studies, getting a job, clearing coveted exams, and achieving what you aspire for. On the way, if you have people in your life, who soothe you, talk to you, listen to you, then the tumultuous journey becomes slightly easy. Sometimes we are so much shut to the reality, that we need a slap or a thudding awakening from our loved ones to see the reality and decide wisely. These people are just like medicine for our wounds, curing us faster and making us prepared to walk ahead boldly. But if there are people in your life, they can be friends, parents or lovers, I would say, people whom you love, not understanding you, imposing other restrictions, your journey is bound to be violent. But for them can we quit early? I think we should think to quit, because they are showing the reality in a way which we dont like. It is not something which we had planned.So what about our dreams and aspirations? It all depends on knowing self to strike a balance between our goals and quitting. 

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  1. Quitting is easy and is the main reason why people are so ever ready to quit, to say I give up, not just on dreams, ambition, studies etc. They are ready to give up life as well.
    It only take a smile, a few kind words to get somebody out of this mode, we have to find time to help those who are about to quit. Nice article. Keep it coming.