Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Making our own choices

Society surely most of the times plays a silent role, dictating terms in our life. In most of the cases I find parents encouraging their kids to do whatever they want to in their life, but when it comes to marriage, the conservative lot, restrict their kids from going for an intercaste marriage, even in this present generation. Because society is the impetus which is the reason behind their thoughts. I feel the situation similar to asking a person to wear the clothes of their childhood when they are complete grown ups. But all parents don’t fall in this category. All parents want to see their kids happy and with some resistance and with lot of talking few of them agree for the marriage, which is agreeing to the choices of their kids. So my question here is for the parents who don’t agree especially in this marriage scenario, what is the correct age or when it is the correct time for kids to make choices for themselves?

When we are growing, almost all major choices of schooling, clothes,food, etc is decided by the parents. Again our career choices are too in their hands. Ofcourse the scenario is changing presently. Now for the choice of partner the choice is again with them. Again after marriage,kids, living with parents etc is again in their hand. So I really don’t know what and when does an individual decide something for themselves. The kid’s choices are always belittled because they don’t have enough experience in life. But in this case, if a couple has given a good thought, ie acted more from their minds then their hearts, then what is the problem to accept. The rational couple will surely think through all the pros and cons of being together. Couples who think and act, their relation never fails if it is an arranged or love marriage. Few couples just act with instinct marry and then all their life regret. Mind should play a major role. And if parents and the couple decide it together, imagine the bliss in the relation. The parents who agreed for their choices later, when they realize, feel very happy about their decision. I know parents are worried about their's kids well being, but if they talk and rationalize things, then it gets easier, albeit removing the umbrella of society and focusing on individual choices. 


  1. Well written Niranjan and the last line says it all 'removing the umbrella of society and focusing on individual choices'...that is what is required!