Saturday, December 28, 2013

Wasting food

We all are highly educated and as a consequence have lucrative pay cheques too. Some are still getting educated. But does that education or money make us any better? I think no. It drags us more towards the abyss. And the more we stare at the abyss, the abyss stares us back, the golden words utters by the great philosopher, Nietchze. We always deny the easy jobs taking them for granted and concentrate more on other crucial things like getting good job, travelling, maintaining a good relationship etc, but alas! we forget common sense on petty things, like saving water,electricity, food, keeping our surroundings and ours neighbours surroundings clean.Which I call as the easy jobs.That doesnt mean to sweep their outdoors daily but not throwing any of our garbage in their arena. These petty things have become more of an concern in the present world. All the environmentalists are talking about it and they say it right. 

My concern here is for wastage of food. Roti, Kapda aur Makan is the basic necessity of any human being and these days, these basic necessities are being exploited as the problem is of surplus for some and still a basic necessity for numerous. The whole onus of working was to earn bread and butter. Now if we have the money to add other dishes to the basic bread and butter, would that mean we would buy in surplus and waste them? Do you find it easy to throw away food? I guess its very easy for many people. They over cook and over eat and the left overs are thrown. Few friends of mine don't like to eat the left overs of previous day,even when preserved in refrigerators. I know they are being health concious at the cost of throwing money.The whole act of throwing food seems so much emotionless to them. I just cant see that happen infront of my eyes. I just warn my friends  not bothering  about the consequences, but the dog's tail cannot be straightened. Few statistics from the website of UN about food wastage can be read here

As an individual, an ''educated individual'' it is my responsibility to tell people around me not to throw the food in a polite way as many times as possible. I take this issue very personally. A person who doesn't have respect for food doesn't have respect for anything, that is my understanding. Well there is a problem of throwing away food, you tend to eat less and keep your weight under control.But eating less is of no harm either. If we are hungry we need not fill upto the brim, we can keep some gap by eating less preceded by cooking less. Seriously we humans should not be so lame enough to waste food around us.I can only tell someone what to do, but ultimately the realization should come from within.This is a problem of responsibility and our education has given the direction to choose our responsibilities, if not then our education should be in the thrash. 


  1. This is a serious issue but most people just take it lightly. I never take extra food and waste it but in my initial stages of marriage it took me a few weeks to get used to cook the right amount of food. The fridge is a useful gadget but still that shouldnt give us a reason to just keep putting food in and then forget it and then waste it.

  2. I agree Niranjan & share your views. I hate food-wastage too.

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