Thursday, December 13, 2012

My procrastinating 'Bucket List'

Have you made your bucket list? Well, I made it four years back. The ‘’things to do’’ list, I used to make as a habit, which I picked it from my father was modified to be my bucket list. I had removed the smaller and unimportant things from the list to make it compact.  Since am an enthusiast in travel, meeting people, adventure and an ardent dreamer, I just kept on adding things to my list. I never thought to retrospect my list. I thought that I would try to complete that however crazy the list sounds. Today, I saw my list, and was striking the things, which I had completed. I found that out of some 4-5 pages of things, I had just finished some ten. But in those ten, two were big ones which I never thought I would achieve. So I am happy about that. There are also few things, which I can surely not be able to do now, because I have taken a completely different turn in my life and they are implausible. Well, I will just strike them from the list to make myself happy, as they go into the completed list.

My list seems to be procrastinating just like me. There are things, which I could have done earlier and haven’t done them at all. Things which I would have tried to finish and were plausible to finish are untouched.Things like going for a trek to the Himalayas. I had booked everything and dropped it in the 11th hour. I just cancelled it without any genuine reason. You can find several reasons to do the things which you like, but i don't know what happened, I just cancelled it  Well, it’s not ideal to blame the list; it’s me, who has to be blamed. The last few years, had been iffy for me. This made me procrastinate and in turn my bucket list.

Seeing the list which is now over four years old, made me nostalgic of my good memories back then. It also pumped in a rush of adrenaline in me to do the things which I had dreamed of in this small life. Hence to accelerate my list, by faring good bye to 2012, I have added a new thing under the travel heading. I will make this successful. As this time there would not be any 11th hour cancellations, I am sure about that, due to the adrenaline, which just rushed in me. It’s full and final. I wish that this is the onset of balancing my bucket list in the future years.

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