Friday, December 28, 2012

Still hungry for Hungary

Oh my my, finally  the trip to Budapest, highly anticipated, is accomplished. I wanted to start my Euro trip from some country and was looking for countries neighboring Italy.The countries neighboring Italy were rich in history which was my affectionate subject. So Budapest turned out to be cheaper and more feasible for my Christmas vacations. We four guys reached Budapest on 21st of Dec morning, The temperatures were around -3 degree C and at night times it was dropping more.When we reached, there were traces of snow and during our stay it had snowed on a whole day. We had never been in such cold temperatures.  The gelid climate was piercing through our clothes and woolen wear which were not at all abundant to confront the cold. But i wanted to experience the cold with minimal clothes and walk a lot. I walked a lot along with my friends a lot during my stay in the cold climate and it was a very good experience. 

Well,Budapest is really a very beautiful place. A word much better than ''beautiful'' should connote to Budapest. The city  under lights is breath taking. The bridges connecting Buda and Pest separated by river Danube, under lights is simply fascinating. The important bridges are Liberty bridge,chain bridge and Margaret bridge. The beauty of castle hill, the royal palace , hero's square were  very very much appreciable. I haven't traveled much of Europe, but I found in Budapest, all the attractions were equally breathtaking, amazing, beautiful and exquisite. The local cuisines are mouth watering. I tried the sandwiches and some dishes. It was really good. 

It is a small place and it can be covered  in three days. To see the museums, more time has to be spent. I was amazed at the history this small country holds. I spent nearly three hours of non stop tour to each of the national gallery, national museum and historical museum and i could just finish only around 30% of the things. I was apprehending the importance of their history. Most of the things, i was not at all aware of, but it was a very good learning experience. I was amazed at the way, the small city has been built.The underground railways, the trams, the bus services were very cheap and convenient. Excellent engineering and architecture has given sheen to Budapest. Not to forget the thermal baths. It was my first time and the experience was worth every penny. I would highly recommend Budapest and would surely add to my euro trip II.

My few shots of Budapest

View of Buda side from Pest.
Street view from Liberty bridge 
view of fashion street
St Stephen's basilica 
Fine Arts museum 

Castle hill at night  from Liberty bridge

Market place view 

Gellart Hotel and bath at Buda side

Liberty bridge from Citadella

Church in a cave at Citadella

Top of Citadella

Fishermen's Bastion

Parliament from Buda 

Entrance of Chain bridge 

Iron shoe models of  killed Jews 

Margaret Bridge from Margaret island 

citadella from Pest

Castle hill and royal palace

Danube from Castle hill 

Historical Museum 

Hungarian national Museum 

Hero's square 

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