Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Give and Take

 Found it in my spam but is worth reading and following.

When you value what you have, you make what you have more valuable. When you care about what you're doing, you make what you're doing much more effective. 

Give the best of yourself to the moment, and the moment becomes filled with great treasure. Be generous to others with your time and attention, and you'll find yourself among delightful companions. 

Life is largely what you give it. Offer yourself sincerely and abundantly, and that true abundance will be reflected in the world you experience. If you proffer complaints, you'll receive much to complain about. When you give love, there will be much to love. 

Improve yourself, your actions, your outlook, and your world improves. Be genuinely useful, and you'll have much more with which to work. 

What flows out from you surely, eventually and in greater measure flows back to you. Give your very best, and it comes back even better.