Thursday, February 14, 2013

Life ahead

Life is a strange theory for me. At some moment it seems so very practical and the next minute so theoretical. It is the best example of chaos theory. My life is chaotic and I am responsible for my chaotic life. I watched the movie 'butterfly effect'  in 2005.Back then, it was just another pop corn sci fi movie.There were not many events which I wanted to change in my life. But now after 8 yrs, there have been so many events in my life, which I want to change and i understand the movie ''Butterfly effect''. There are things which I could not  avoid from happening and the consequence of them was bad..But I have traveled very far in time and I have come to a point, where I cannot do anything about my past. This may be because I realized late in my life. I wish I could change them. For sure, I don't want to change all the things that happened in my life, but surely few decisions, which I have regretted and are the main reasons for my doldrums. There were people who influenced and changed my life for good and bad too. Few people, I want them always in my life because they give me happiness. All of them are gone, and I miss them. I crave for them. 

Now that I have traveled  in time and cannot retrace the path back do I have any option to make my coming  life better? Yes, i guess,according to me, as I still have a chance to lay the foundation for my better future path. If we compare mathematics with life, its full of possibilities and uncertainties  Anything can happen. Can we design an optimized path for the life ahead? I guess so. I can define my future path, joining many dots, smaller dots and bigger dots. The small dots are the small goals and the bigger dots are the major goals which I want to achieve and are my bigger dreams. I can take any path to jump from one dot to  the consecutive next dot. This path which I choose would  dependent on many parameters like the situation I am in, my approach to the problems, my hard work ,dedication and many unknown circumstances as future is completely . Well I cannot just put dots for a long future, the dots will change with time too and one the way, I will be planting future dots. I guess at the end, I would have some optimized path and at the end of my life, when I look back, I can say '' Life is beautiful''. I wish myself some luck.  Am I insane? 

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