Thursday, February 21, 2013

A lesson well learnt.

Someone has rightly said ‘the worst thing in life is not the bad things which we do, it’s the thousands of good things you do for the wrong person’. I recently came across this in face book. It is exactly the same thought wandering in my mind since few days. I am 26 yrs old, and I have been good to people all my life. I had just one enemy in my childhood, with whom even I came to equal grounds. I made many good friends, and I have numerous acquaintances where ever I go. It is easy for me to make friends because; I talk good to them and have patience to listen to them and understand their problems. I guess this is the biggest strength I carry towards people.  I let people to come closer to my inner circle if I talk with them in a harmonic note for some time. It’s not ever been hard for me to get close to someone. And once they are in my inner circle, it gives me immense pleasure to help my friends.  I don’t mind to the extent I have to go to help them. I feel that their onus is on me. 

Overall, I made good friends, but there were also some people who were good actors and selfish. People who were good to me, but later turned out malicious. I think they were good charades, or it was my inability to understand their true nature. I did so many good things for them, liked them more than anything, and took care of them, gave them importance, freedom. At the end they just shut me out. Well there are many ways to shut a door, it can be either angrily or sadly or whatever. The end could have been more convincing. It has hurt me so badly because, I considered them to be very close and expected them to be with my lifelong. This is the worst thing which I had done and I would regret it for a long time. I am now afraid to let people closer to my inner circle. I don’t have the courage to face distress. People like them, have made me lose my faith on the people yet to come in my future. Well it was an important lesson in life!!

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  1. There are few who learn from lessons like this. At first all look the same but eventually they start to show their true colors. If we continue to remain oblivious to their subtle clues about who they actually are, then we will continue to remain in the dark until one fine day they strike our head hard until it bleeds, to stick the thought through our hard skull that they are not as good as they seem and it is high time we realize our stupidity!