Friday, July 26, 2013

A day with Lamborghini

So, finally and finally I visited the Lamborghini museum in Italy. All the models were so much appealing to the eye. Of course they are one of the best sports cars. Of all the cars the vintage models surely looked very very beautiful and made me more mesmerized.  I got my small GT 350 , 1 of 2016 pcs souvenir. Now I own a Lamborghini too!!!! Some pictures Lamborghini  


  1. Wow The Lamborghini Cars looks so great..i guess u had a good time..and My Fav is Lamborghini Gallardo...

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    1. yeah it was wow moment when i saw them too.

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    1. thank you sir. yes it is glossy and charming.

  4. Wow! I'm sure you had a nice ride in this wonderful car.. Please collect your ABC Award from me Niranjan...

    1. Hey thank you for the award. I will surely check it out... thanks again