Friday, July 12, 2013

Dangerous ''belief''

Dad: Son, I met the astrologer today. He has foreseen bad times ahead in your life and has given you this    ring and the locket. You have to wear this from Monday after cleansing with milk and reciting some mantras. And remember never and ever remove them.

Son: I don't know why people still people believe that stones can control our fate. If that would have been the case, every one would have been wearing rings and controlling their bad times with stones and  chains.

Dad: Stop preaching me and just wear it. 

(sad and angry, the son wears it.)

(after 1 year)

Son: I don't see any considerable change in my life. I have never removed it but still, things have not got better yet.

Dad: it will improve.

Son: wasn't the whole point of wearing the stones was to make my life better.

Dad: Have faith!

Son: Do I need to have faith on the stones or on myself?

Dad: Don't act smart, work hard and leave the rest to god.

Son: you forgot to mention the stones and chains.
(angry dad, leaves the room)

Belief is so dangerous. Sometimes, I feel it can make a person to go up-to any extent to fulfill his/her belief. I see people donating blindly. I have seen people removing their thick chains and dropping in the hundi. The person looses his rational thinking before his beliefs. Other kind of people are,who believe in sacrifices. There are many conspiracies on sacrifices of people or animals to fulfill their beliefs.Due to this belief, the fraud babas have turned spirituality into a multi crore business. I don't know, whether the people who believe them are fools or am I the biggest fool in not believing them. I avoid  blind belief on things, but it is difficult to not to believe in astrology due to my family. They are blind believers of astrology and their every action is judged by astrological predictions. Can the stones seriously change our lives? Or is it the handwork, dedication, focus, fate, destiny etc one needs in defying their lives? I always wonder why the astrologer who suggests these stones and churns  money from people couldn't find an appropriate stone to change his life? Why is he still poor? I am not against astrology but I am against too much blind belief on astrology. I many times wonder why do people believe all these things? The only reason, I could think of is, it makes them feel better but I don't understand how much better it gets in having blind belief. It is better to have faith in oneself and remember the words of Confucius ''Study the past if you would divine the future''.


  1. I am glad someone wrote this post. High time everyone read a sane view like the one above, and heeded it! Well done!!

  2. Blind belief is the killing factor in many parts of India. Ghungi Babaas in many parts of India loot people like any thing - both educated and uneducated. There are many examples of such people...

    Nice post.

    1. Thank you. Ya i agree, I dont remember their names but India TV shows many such babas and I am just appalled at how the people believe in them.

  3. It was high time somebody wrote about this. Well said.
    How much longer can these archaic beliefs (true or false)continue to run people's lives?

  4. Yea, I agree. Faith in beliefs become better than faith in god. It's bad to see people to have such mind-set. They believe in something, cling to it steadfastly;I don't know why they refuse to be rationale.

    1. Ya,People believe in something, then they dont stop at that. They impose these to their family thats the worst part.

  5. Can i address u as's such a beautiful name matching with Manoranjan meaning entertaining. Anyways blogs like urs does more than entertain. It raises questions. Yeah i too feel flustered with blind beliefs but some of these beliefs that form a tradition and culture of our country i also respect that. Well astrology could be one. Those who believe it consider it to be an intrinsic science. i personally know academicians/ mathematicians to name a few.
    For me if my Dad asks me to shift to any new place on a particular date i follow. Not blindly but with that trust that he means only gud for me. i don't indulge into futile debates like what is shubh din and blah blah. Regarding sacrifices and donations to already very rich temples i find that too futile. But how does it matter faith and beliefs are i guess also very personal and one can't do much too change that.
    In ur story feel happy that parents care and want to protect . Don't pay too much emphasis on harmless stones. Just feel blessed that they want to see the child happy and successful.
    Why am i saying this is because i too talked like this when i was not a mother. Then when i became one all that i had uttered just a few years ago felt like lies. i too never forgot putting a Nazar wala teeka on my child. Who can explain how a black spot can prevent the infant from falling and hurting himself and all that bullying and others that come later. i guess parents follow some beliefs because they want to have less fear...fear for their children emerging strong and winning the battle called life.
    Btw just saw that on Discovery- A certain tribe in Africa cuts the boy's body all over with septic looking blade/ razor when he attains manhood. The purpose to see if he emerges a winner and has a body covered with scars that look like crocodile skin.
    Sry went overboard but had some free time and just felt like having this monologue with u...that's because we r not sitting together face to face...then it would be a dialogue...
    Cheers ! and wish u many many more of such blogs. :)

    1. Firstly, thank you very much for stopping by and giving a vital reply. I agree with you. There are good astrologers who see things in a scientific way.But we believe them blindly, its very difficult because we cannot foresee our future. there are people who cheat and play with people's emotions rather telling them with vital information.Also, belief upto an extent is fine, but it is important to verify the testimony of the person predicting things. I agree there are few things in indian tradition, which are very important and logical. But we people have taken those otherwise. You pointed out a very vital reason, fear, yes having fear makes us to have some inhibition in mind and we cannot live happily. Imagine, the people living abroad and without any belief, they are too surviving.So the beliefs are not so vital to survive. I had also seen about the african child in discovery. Thanks for sharing your views.

  6. Blind faith is nothing but a form of savagery.

  7. Valid questions. One wonders why people refuse to open their eyes and see the simple truths.