Thursday, August 15, 2013

Awesome Blog Content (ABC) award

For me awards are just like chocolates . Whatever be the mood the chocolate is pleasing to the mouth disconnecting us from all our feeling but bliss. Well the ABC award was a surprise it was pleasing. It felt better and I am basking on it. I should thank Nilu A for the award. She is creative with the recipes and has a lot of variety. I should also thank Indiblogger, because of which I found her blog and I am able to hone my cooking skills. 

Rules of the Award:-
1. Add the ABC logo to your new blog post.
2. Write one word or a phrase about yourself that begins with A, B, C, etc.
3. Nominate some blogs.
4. Leave a comment on those blogs to let them know!

A- Z facts about me!!

A --Affable

B – Bold

C – Cook

D – Dedicated

E – Exuberant 

F – Friends

G – Gentle

H – Hard worker

I – Indian

J – Jovial 

K – Kindhearted

L – Laughter 

M – Mummy

N – Never give up 

O – Obstinate ( sometimes I am )

P – Poet (New version of me)

Q – Quick at understanding anything.

R – Reading (I like to read )

S – Star gazing. ( My relaxed time pass)

T – Tit for tat.( I believe in that) 

U – Undependable on anyone

V – V for Vendetta ( My fav movie) 

W – Work should be done with dedication.

X –Xanthippe thank you for defining Socrates

Y – Young at heart always

Z – Zany ( sometimes)

My Nominees:

Elixir of Knowledge -
Gajadhar Dwivedi -


  1. Thank you, Niranjan, for this pleasant surprise. As you say, awards are like chocolates - good for a refreshment.

  2. Niranjan Thank you so much Buddy. I am honored.

  3. Thank you so much Niranjan!! This is such a pleasant surprise...m on a first day and you've made it even more marvelous!!
    Congrats on getting this award...truly well deserved!

    1. your welcome.. you deserve it.. enjoy your vacation..

  4. First of all, congratulations. The award is well deserved.
    Secondly, thank you very much for nominating me for the same. I'm glad that you think I deserve it from the multitude of blogs.
    Thirdly, I'd like to congratulate all those who have been nominated along with me.

    1. thank you Brendan. your blog deserves it.. keep up the good work.

  5. Thank u Niranjan for considering me worthy enough. Loved ur appreciating thoughts. Something very natural i guess. Okay just to let u know i am actually tied up with some commitments and once i'm through and easy with some me time i shall follow the instructions and do the needful. Thank u so much once again and blessings. :)

    1. Your welcome. you surely deserve it. You can do the proceedings at your leisure.

  6. Hey Niranjan...i guess Ran In Jan is very cool ;) Thank you so much for considering me and my blog Shrimaan Shrimati for the ABC award. Also,congratulations to you as you very well deserved this. after this award..kuch meetha ho jaye..rushing to my refrigerator to grab a cadbury bar ;) (Bad you! why did you compare awards with the sinful Chocklates ?? :D )

    1. thank you and congratulations for the award. arent awards like chocolates,the mood changer?