Saturday, August 17, 2013

Third eye

The wait kills, but what we get after the long wait thrills. Many a times we wait for something to get for which we had been craving since long time.The wait may be either for  love or any other materialistic object. And once we get it, It is the moment of  bliss.

I am inclined to any creative thing easily and hence photography is one of them. The inclination was from my childhood I suppose.My father was into photography. We had a Yashica camera and he was really interested in taking pictures.In our library we still have few photography books which were bought in 1980s by my dad to explore photography. But due to some problems and priorities he gave up. I guess it was my source of inspiration.But once I was going through a photography magazine and some articles on it as a part of my random reading,I saw some pictures which were raw, directly from the camera and I was amazed by them.They were really beautiful and it was around four years back I thought of owning a camera and capturing similar pictures.But I had to wait a long time. There were many instances I could have bought, but had other priorities and hence got delayed.Now I finally own an entry level dslr Nikon D5100, which I had purchased recently.  Finally I own it. I am now all ready to venture my hobby through my third eye. 

My Third Eye 

View from my terrace, One of the trial picture of my camera.
View from my terrace 


  1. And so now we know.. from where you get the inspiration to use your third eye. :)

  2. The Sky looks mesmerizing..I always love to click the sky at different times..
    BTW Here is a token of appreciation for you..Please check do it out

  3. Very similar story to mine. My dad also got a Yashica camera and he too had to give up the hobby due to circumstances. Now that I own a dslr, I get him involved sometimes in taking pictures, so that he feels happy too :D

    1. Lol, thats great.. keep clicking and posting the world from your third eye.

  4. Thanks :)
    Happy Clicking to you too