Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My souvenirs

When I was a child, I liked social science projects a lot. We were asked to place stickers of places or temples or buildings etc which we like and talk about them. It was social science which created an interest in me for historical buildings and to see different places all over the world. Luckily I am travelling the world now and as I travel, I collect souvenirs too as a token of memory. Here are few of my souvenirs, not all and there are many  more to come this year. 

From Left

1) Mug from cinque terre, Italy
2) The bapistry,cathedral and leaning tower from Pisa
3) Leaning tower from Pisa
4) Ekeko from Peru
5) Lamborghini GT 350 from Lamborghini museum, Italy
6) King Ramesses from Egyptian museum, Turin,
7) Key chain of Ankh, from Turin ( didnt have money to buy the Ankh, so a keychain)
8) Excalibur from medieval  city, Turin
9) Feather pen from Turin
10) Parliament in glass, Budapest. 


  1. That is a LOt of Interesting Stuff you have.. :-)

  2. I have the same passion, all my souvenirs are in my showcase and some of it is really interesting and some of it is weird but the memory with each piece is priceless.