Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bird of hope

Immediate thought and the immediately scribbled words.

The sun never forgets to rise,
So you never neglect to smile,
No trait can compete this prize,
Making easy your rough mile.
You should be like a bird of hope,
with wonderful feathers,
sitting on a branch of a tree,
singing the songs of life.
When a dream breaks,
when the life is upside down,
It learns the lessons with a song.
The song is eternally sung,
And one day comes the wind,
with its loud song, keeping you quiet,
making you listen to its song,
You then listen with your smile.
Will go the wind one day and you,
will be back to your songs of life!!


  1. Interesting... One should jotted down the words as and when it comes to our mind. Nice one.

    Life is a song, and we all are just singing that :)