Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Forced solitude

The thought of being alone or in solitude is itself very dangerous. No one wants to be alone and live a life of solitude. Our life is not designed for that. I think a good life is to meet people, laugh a lot , make good friends and try out many new things which were always strange and awe for us. Since centuries many people have talked about life. Well I think that every person has the right to talk about their life and their stories should not be ridiculed. It is their experience and a unique one. 

Like everyone I too have a life and being a fun loving person makes me attached to people very easily. I like company of people. I like to talk a lot about anything, from sex to salvation. It teaches me many things. The more I interact with people, the more I learn about philosophical ideas, ( everyone is a philosopher ) , their psychology, ethics, morals and the list goes on. This is the best ground level experience which anyone can experience.But there is a problem.

Myself being an extrovert, I have many problems dealing with people. Extroverts tend to talk a lot, they share almost everything. If they are in some problems, they always put their thought fluctuations, thoughts etc. But the listener tends to think of the speaker as a person with mood swings, no rigidity on thought. I have faced this whenever I have interacted with few people. They just tend to listen and speak nothing. Either they dont like my company or I dont make sense. 

This hurts a lot as you cant speak always. Being an extrovert, I like to converse and a conversation is when both of them speak. It is the difference in opinion which teaches a person, as said by a great person. But when people mistake you, the best thing I feel to do is to go into a shell. Live a life of solitude not by interest but I am not left with any option either. I would like to lead a life of forced solitude. I would like to do things which I had never done before. Who knows, may be I will fall in love with myself. 


  1. I can relate your story to mine... But over the years I have learnt one thing, I first love my self and then others.

  2. I can totally undesrtand what u wrote...
    nice post...

  3. I think everyone face this situation atleast once in life . you,me some x,y,z everyone . sometimes better be alone have your own space you will know more about yourself .

  4. What you have written reminds me of myself. "Forced Solitude" - a word that best describes my life and many other's - sounds so apt in the context. Many attempts to expand the circle of friends have gone in vain and I am sure will continue to. But, you know what I realized? you, me, the people who have commented above and others who feel the same are different in our views and our thoughts, very different from others who find us boring, or not strong - minded ( like wat u call mood swings and not being rigid). It is difficult for the others to comprehend our minds. We should learn to shut us off at times and let out only a part of us that interests ppl around which will get them into the conversation (to quench our thirst for fun at conversations) and open up only to those who can really completely converse with us liberally!