Friday, March 28, 2014

Unpredictability of Mind

I admire science, the way it has evolved and made our lives bit easier. For example, few Indians alleged ISRO for spending huge amounts in their research work. As a counter statement to that the chairman said, it was because of this research work, ‘’cyclone Philian’’ was predicted accurately which in turn saved many lives and lot of wealth. This is just an example.There are many such examples to add to the list. So science surely has taken a giant leap in predicting the uncertain and the unpredictable nature up to an extent. But still nature has lot of uncertainty imbibed in it which we humans cant predict with ease.

A tree of same species never grows in the same shape or size, the fruits of course are of different shape. Even though the climatic conditions are predictable upto an extent but not to the fullest. Behaviour of animals too is unpredictable.  Life and death, these processes have value because of soul in organisms. Even these processes are highly unpredictable. So is it wrong for a person to be unpredictable? Is there any scale which can measure their predictability?

I think every person has some unpredictability within themselves. Few flauntingly reveal it whereas others conceal it for themselves. Life is well experienced when you have a bumpy ride, which keeps you awake. On a straight road, you have the tendency to sleep and meet an accident. A monotonous life teaches nothing. Any person will know his life and so his vacillations and hence should mend them for himself not for others. Why fear unpredictability when the whole world is devoid of that? 

Sometimes we decide something to do but unfortunately it doesnt work out and we happen to plan something else. Upon doing so, some other things pops up and hence disrupting the whole initial plan. What do we do at that state? We either re plan our things or stick to the old one. What do we do when this cycle occurs quiet often? We enter a state of confusion, helplessness and the near and dear ones term as a unpredictable person. But who knows what goes in our mind? It is foolish to expect someone to understand and more idiotic on our part to make a complete fool of ourself by telling our problems to others 


  1. Hello Ran in Jan

    At the outset, thanks for visiting my blog. Now about your post on unpredictability - it is what adds spice to our lives. But I would not agree with your conclusion that the world does not fear unpredictability. I would say that the world is petrified of unpredictability and that is why science ( your ISRO example) and commerce ( insurance is an example ) do so much by way of extensive preparedness. But despite that things do not happen as planned. The issue is to have a coping strategy under these circumstances- a safety net ( like insurance) or a contingency plan when both plans A and B fail.

  2. There is unpredictability everywhere but it is never welcomed.