Sunday, March 23, 2014


I think, one of the most influential feeling is the ‘’feeling of rejection’’. Rejections in love, marriage, career, education etc. It can happen anywhere and anytime.Name anything and you cannot separate the tendency to be rejected from it. Sometimes rejection comes handy by making us stronger in the fight and at the end we have greater probability of getting the best. We learn many things from them. A great person once said, ‘’it is the loss of something which teaches us’’. So when we are rejected, we lose something, which makes us more aware of the reality and the digression from reality to illusion shrinks. But everyone doesn’t see the hope in such rejections. I think this is the sole reason why people commit suicides. 

Anyone who has been facing rejections continuously for sometime becomes cranky. Has severe mood swings, jumps from one decision to other, doesn’t have his mind at bay and ultimately becomes more and more worrisome. I would not blame the victim but the people around them, who, instead of giving a helping hand, think them as a person with lot of mood swings and no stability in thought. If the rejections are new to us, we might take it positively but when this becomes the routine, we cannot take life easily. Hopefully if people around us are supportive, emotionally, this problem can be faced easily. It becomes worse when the victim goes into a shell when finds none near him as a support. Isn’t it a bad idea to see our loved one, going into a shell and living their inhibitions and rigidity?

Times do change. The law of nature is balance. Rejection faced in life has to be compensated with some acceptance or vice versa. Hopefully we become more supportive to our loved ones who are in this path of resurrection and make our bonding with them much stronger.  


  1. Perhaps, we are living in a time when relationships are destined to be short-lived. When people become less important than gadgets and possessions, what can we expect?

  2. These days people run run and run in search of the 'better' factor in all they happen to possess in their life time. It doesnt matter to them whether it is a thing, person or career, anything and everything needs a betterment in due course of time. Apparently, in this race, there are a few, repeatedly rejected in spite of their goodwill and knowledge. Slowly, such experiences instill in them a feeling of despair, lack of self confidence. But moral support as u said can not be assured all the time. They are expected to rise higher prove to be better and ultimately get along in the race. Sad but true!

  3. True, rejection is a part of life. And every new things starts with some rejection...