Tuesday, March 25, 2014

To suggest or not

 Have you ever tried suggesting something to anyone? If they are your close aids, then you would have surely done it  accepting their nagging behaviour and trying to soothe them in the best possible way you can. And surely with time, their nagging would be on the steeper accent rather to the opposite side. One day, there will come a time, when you reach your limit and to vent your anger, you would say something harsh or rude to this already hurt once.

The music starts now. For all the positive talks you had been making are all dusted aside and the fight is now with you for being rude for once. Then you are just the part of the crescendo. Finally the relation reaches a fracture point of hatred. Where one party points to the rude statement and webs the story around it, and the humble person talks about their arrogance and rude behaviour.

I guess it is the normal human behaviour to see  negativity in a positive thing. We need not have special skills for that, we are born with them. Tell them hundred comforting things, they will all be thrashed for the one rude comment you make. I agree that the person is hurt but they should understand that, ''everything has a limit - iron ore cannot be educated to gold'' as Mark Twain said.

It happens that in everyone's life ups and downs are there, but what good is it, if a close friend of yours when comes to soothe you is gifted with anger, mockery and hated in return. We all at some point do, such a think. But lets bring our intellect and think before we hurt our loved one who is taking the burden of being our mother and strengthening our relation with them for ever. 


  1. Happens a lot i guess, people will only remember that one mistake or that one time when you lose your cool. Agree with you that a little thought before will surely go a long way.

    1. My suggestion would be not to suggest unless asked for it.. Caring is not a wrong thing but one should also accept tht world has changed. We are, as we call it in tamil, Kaliyugam..it is meant to be this way and its we who need a change...